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Expanding Our Senior Team

New Sales Director Charles Coleman

The Sausage Man, UK supplier of authentic German sausages, have grown our senior management team with a top appointment, in line with our expanding business.

Record-Breaking Sales

After record-breaking sales, topping 10 million sausages in 2021, we’ve added a senior member to our team to focus on some ambitious projects in the coming year; Charles Coleman takes up the role of Sales Director.

The Go-to Sausage Option

Charles brings with him 30 years of FMCG experience plus a wealth of retail, foodservice, wholesale and consultancy knowledge, making him a huge asset to our Company and our ambition to drive availability of German food across the UK. Charles’ experience has afforded him valuable insight into the specific needs of customers and consumers and will enable him to achieve his aim of growing availability of The Sausage Man’s flagship products, raising awareness, building critical mass and delivering commercial benefits. Meat Charles now in the video interview below!

Charles Coleman, Sales Director

I was immediately struck by the fantastic commercial opportunity to build The Sausage Man franchise. As Covid restrictions diminish we aim to make our high quality, authentic German products available to a much wider audience – and we are not talking old style Frankfurters either!  The range offered by The Sausage Man has transformed perceptions, raised expectations and is fast becoming the go-to sausage option.”

Jörg Braese, Managing Director

We’ve spent the last two years building up our reputation with consumers, associating The Sausage Man name with a mark of quality.  Now that our commercial customers are returning from what has been a difficult time, we are eager to share the dividends of our work and are delighted to welcome Charles to our team in order to help us achieve this.  We’re certain that he is the perfect person to help us, and our customers, capitalise on the opportunities that lie ahead!

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