Find here a guide for our sausages sizes & lengths

Most of our sausages can be made to required custom sizes.
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200gr 30cm / 11.80in Footlong Krakauer / Footlong Bratwurst
165gr 30cm / 11.80in Footlong Hot Dog
160gr 26cm / 10.23in Chilli Beef Sausage
150gr 22cm / 8.66in XXL Bratwurst / XXL Bacon Frankfurter / XXL Cheese Frankfurter
110gr 26cm / 10.23in
19cm / 7.48in
Beef Hot Dog / Pork Hot Dog
Jumbo Frankfurter / Jumbo Beef
100gr 18cm / 7.08in Vegan Frankfruter
80gr 18cm / 7.08in
16cm / 6.29in
Beef Hot Dog / Pork Hot Dog
Weisswurst / Paprika Sausage
55gr 20cm / 7.87in Vienna Frankfurter
25gr Custom Chipolata Sausages (or Mini Vienna Hot Dogs)


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Our hot dogs are 100% filler and gluten FREE with spices and herbs grown by farmers around the world.

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