Mini Vienna Hot Dogs UK Suppliers

Mini Vienna Hot Dogs UK Suppliers


Established UK suppliers bring you superb mini Vienna hot dogs, the perfect bite size sausage!

Price (per kg): £8.99
Unit Price: 26p per sausage
Length: 8cm

The Tasty Mini Vienna Hot Dog

This wonderful mini sausage is perfect for breakfast or as part of cold meat boards and/or buffets. Also a fantastic choice as cocktail. We have been importing it since 2009, so it can be said that the mini Vienna hot dog has been with us for quite a long time - that's how much we love this product and believe it can add to your product range. Many customers would want this size so why not have it as part of your hot dog stock?

Mini Vienna Hot Dogs Wholesale UK Suppliers

Smokey & Packed with Flavour

This lovely mini hot dog has been beautifully beachwood smoked, with tasting notes, nicely seasoned. In natural sheep casing and with a nice snap! As with the rest of our products the quality of the meat is simply superb - our products come from award winning butchers in Germany as we want to make sure we provide you with only with the very best. We're known for our high standards, contact us for further information.

Sliced Wholesale Mini Hot Dogs

Your Choice: Beef or Pork

There's an option for everyone because we import the mini vienna hot dog in both beef and pork. That way none of your discerning customers misses out on this beautiful cocktail sausage. They are absolutely perfect for different types of parties, as quick nibbles or cocktail evenings, for a variety of charcuterie platters in restaurants and fantastic as tapas!

Mini Sausages Chipolatas from The Sausage Man

A Great Hot Dog All the Way from Germany

Another great product from The Sausage Man; here's your perfect cocktail party sausage with selected meat from our award winning butchers in Germany. We import our products weekly from Germany, make sure to download our brochure on the link below.

Germany Shape Flag

At 8cm, this Hot Dog is Perfect

This is a very popular sausage with our customers because of how versatile it can be. A great option for outdoor events also in the summer.

For such a small hot dog you'll be surprised how all the flavours have been packed - together with the smokey flavour this sausage is an absolute winner. We highly recommend it if you're looking into providing your customers with a varied range of hot dogs and premium sausages. Keep your customers happy with tasty and exciting new entries!

For more information on this particular sausage or any of the products we import from Germany please get in contact with us and we will be more than happy to answer any queries you may have.

Mini Vienna Hot Dog Chipolata UK Suppliers 8cm Length

100% Gluten Free, Precooked, Sheep Casing, No Allergens. Perfect!

With the perfect snap, smokey flavour, natural casing and beautiful size this is the perfect hot dog for your discerning customers if they're looking into a great sausage for their events, cocktails parties, as part of a charcuterie platter or as great taps. Make sure to contact us for more information. We sell in bulk and can provide with large orders also.

View and Download Our Brochure

We have been mini Vienna hot dog distributors in the UK for years and this is a product we highly recommend. We also import weekly from Germany many other premium products, all from the highest quality and standards. We can provide custom sizes as well, please get in touch for more information.

We invite you to view a brochure with videos of all our products as well as downloading a copy to your device!

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As distributors we offer great prices. Remember you can buy in bulk.

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