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Photos from Around our Warehouse

Photos from Around the Warehouse

We're always busy here at the office but we do take care of our social media needs so if you come to visit you might see us taking some pics here and there. No, we're not professional photographers but we do like to be part of the social media trend, and we do our best when it comes to connecting with our customers beyond the business of the warehouse or headquarters. Have a look below at some of the pics we've taken recently. Hope you enjoy them! Please check our testimonials page to see what our customers like about us.

If you're looking for wholesale German hotdogs, we are your suppliers in the UK! Make sure to give us a call or send us a message for information on delivery, stock and prices.

Around the Warehouse

Sometimes we spend a little time taking pics around the warehouse for our social media followers. Here are a few of them, we hope you enjoy them!

Some Product Pics

At times we go around and take pics of our products.

Some Product Pics

We actually eat the hot dogs and sausages at the office. A lot. Probably too many and too often. But there you go.


Here are a few pics from when we set out to deliver our fabulous premium products to your premises.

View Our Video Brochure or Download a pdf Copy to Your Device

Why not view our video brochure today? You can have a closer look at all our products, there are more than 30 videos for you to watch. You can also download a copy of our pdf brochure (we keep updating our brochure on a regular basis). Please contact us for any product you'd like us to import from Germany or let us know if you need help with your hot dog business/franchise or food related business. All the downloadable/viewable links below. 

We invite you to view a brochure with videos of all our products as well as downloading a copy to your device!

If you're interested in buying high quality hot dogs with The Sausage Man please find the contact details below.

Our wholesale gourmet hot dogs have been made 
with spices and herbs grown by farmers around the world.

01322 867 060

The Sausage Man imports premium quality products to the UK



 UK hot dog suppliers & premium German products. Give us a call or simply contact us.

01322 867 060