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Interview with The Sausage Man about a less known but still very tasty sausage made with chicken meat.

Let's talk about the chicken sausages you sell. What do your customers say in general about them, do they find them as tasty as the pork or beef sausages?

First of all, we have been looking for the best chicken type of sausage to offer an alternative to people who cannot eat pork or beef. We tasted many different poultry sausages over the years, most of them were not very tasty or had a peculiar texture. Our chicken sausages are like a proper BBQ sausage which needs colouring, but they are made of poultry instead of pork. They are very tasty and look good and taste great from the BBQ.

Chicken is such a 'mild' flavoured meat. Why would someone choose this sausage over the other ones since it's not as popular or well known?

Everyone should try them to see how flavoursome they really are. They are a good alternative to pork and beef meat (links included in case you wanted to check out our pork and beef sausages). Since I tried them the first time, I became a big fan of our chicken sausage and eat them regularly.

In fact, to help someone who might be indecisive about choosing this option, what are the 3 most common reasons customers would order it?

The main reasons for choosing the chicken sausage are, if you look for an alternative meat sausage to pork and beef sausages the chicken is a good choice. Secondly, it has already been pre-cooked and all you need to do is give it some colour on the BBQ or griddle. They are low in fat but packed full of flavour.

How does it sell in comparison to the more popular ones like bratwurst and frankfurter?

To be honest the bratwurst and frankfurter are still the best sellers but we have noticed in the last year that the chicken sausages are becoming increasingly popular.

Maybe once people are aware of this product it will gain more popularity.

What's the size of this sausage (or sizes if you offer different ones, including custom sizes/foot long).

The size of the chicken sausage is exactly 100g. At the moment we do not offer a different size.

Do you import it from Germany too?

Yes, they are produced in Germany and we import them regularly.

What's the minimum quantity when it comes to wholesale/buy bulk?

They come in packs of 10x 100g, you can choose as few or many packs as you like but total our minimum order for wholesale is £125.00

When did you start importing it? How long has this sausage been part of your range?

This particular sausage has been part of our range since the beginning as we noticed that there was a demand for it.

What other ingredients can we find inside the sausage? Is it gluten free?

This chicken sausage is gluten free just like all our other sausages that we do. The ingredients are simple, 85% meat, potable water and seasoning.

Any other allergens we should know of?

Yes, there are traces of celery in the seasoning and milk sugar. Other than that, no further allergens.

What else should your potential customers know about this particular sausage? For example, would it be considered to be 'healthier' than some of your other options?

Well, these sausages are low in fat and the meat is white meat rather than red meat.

If someone is ready to order, what's the next step?

Just place the order with us and we will take care of the rest.

And, finally, if someone is not sure about ordering this type of sausage can they get a sample from you?

Of course, we have options for ordering a sample pack. Please check with us directly.

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