Beef Chili Frankfurter: Interview with The Sausage Man

Now you can buy delicious beef chili hot dogs (frankfurters) with The Sausage Man. Please visit us often as we continuously add new products to our already varied range. The beef chili frankfurters are delicious; the hint of chili is not overpowering and the level of heat is perfect. See what the Sausage Man has to say about this product below. You can also download our brochure here.

Questions and Answers with The Sausage Man about these premium vegan sausages which are part of their extensive product range.

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So, there's a new sausage in town: the beef chili frankfurter. Does it taste as good as it sounds?

Even better, you should try it and see.

The question most people are probably asking themselves: how much chili inside and how 'hot' (spicy) is it? The fact that people don't really know until they try might deter some customer, so let's clarify 'level of heat' regarding the chili.

The level of heat in our beef chilli hot dog I would describe as delicious. It is not an overpowering heat but spicy enough to feel there is some chilli going on. Mainly, the chilli blends in with the beef meat to a very tasty and acceptable level.

You must have a fantastic range of hot dogs now. Remind us about the different types.

The pork hot dog, the beef hot dog, the krakauer, the cheese hot dog, the beef and chilli hot dog, all hot dogs specially made with natural casing or without skin and in various different sizes from mini hot dog to footlong hotdog.

Do you think a business could benefit from offering as many types of hot dogs as possible (such as a delicatessen) or do you think they should find a couple of bestsellers and stick with them? (Sometimes indecision at the time of choosing can be a customer killer)

Depending on what type of business you have, some could benefit from a wide range and be more general, whereas others could benefit from a smaller range but be more specialised.

Beef vs pork. When, who and why.

Both, very good products. Some prefer pork others beef, the popularity of both is equal.

This sausage appears in the brochure as "Giant Beef Chilli". Can you tell us the exact size?

Yes, it weighs 160g and is about 10inches in length. When it sits on a BBQ, it does visually outsize the outer sausages which are also big already.

Let's say someone wants this type of sausage but they need custom sizes. Would you cater for this?

Definitely, of course we would require a certain volume.

Which other sausages does it mix well with? (For example, if we are to barbecue a mix of sausages)

It will with the bratwurst for sure, plus our paprika sausage.

Is this sausage also gluten free?

Of course, all our sausages are gluten free.

How popular do you expect this product to be.

It has already proven to be popular. When people try it for the first time the feedback is always amazing!

How many new sausages are you expecting to add to your range this year?

We cannot say for sure how many, but definitely the ones which are proven to be popular.

We invite you to view a brochure with videos of all our products as well as downloading a copy to your device!