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The Supplier To Rely On This Christmas

Even more time to get your authentic German sausages for festive season. Next day delivery across the UK and extended opening hours.

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Get Great
Recipe Ideas

Looking for the hottest hot dog ideas around? Then look no further...

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Sausage2Go System Out Now

Find out more about these awesome solutions for high footfall venues.

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Turkey Hot Dog

Delicious Turkey Hot Dogs with an outstanding robust meaty flavour. Turkey is the meat of the the season, so why not provide your customers with a hot dog version. Serve alongside our Lingonberry Jam, as a seasonal alternative to roast Turkey and cranberry. These beechwood smoked hot dogs are a great alternative to pork and beef, and are much quicker to prepare than a roast with all the trimmings!

Halal Turkey Hot Dog 20cm
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At The Sausage Man we work with some fantastic chefs. We love finding out about all the creative ways our sausages (and other German products) are being prepared and served. In our dedicated Recipes section you can find a wide selection of inventive and innovative ideas to help inspire your kitchen teams. If you have a brilliant Sausage Man recipe that you want to share with the world, be sure to let us know!

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Big Smoke Brew Co.

Oktoberfest 2022
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The Sausage Man Enters The Retail Market

The frozen food sector has been growing as the overall value is up by 9%. There used to be a stigma around frozen food, with a presumption that the quality diminished. However, more and more high quality brands are appearing in the frozen food sector and we are one of them, helping to diminish the prejudice.
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The Sausage Man Meets

Bermondsey Bierkeller
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