About us

About us

German products supplier & importers since 2015

The Sausage Man Ltd. is a reputable business that specialises in German sausages. The Sausage Man started importing fresh sausages in 2005 and since it has become a popular and successful business supplying many establishments across the UK.


Premium German Products

The Sausage Man pride themselves for their premium quality and high standards when it comes to their product range. The Sausage Man import their hot dogs, German sausages and other premium products from 20 different butchers and offers the widest possible selection – from tender black forest ham, and typical grill sausages from Bavaria, to 100% turkey sausages made by the oldest turkey specialist in Germany. In fact, more sausages than you ever thought possible, including a full range of beef, turkey, pork, frankfurter and paprika speciality sausages.


Weekly imports

We bring the best from award winning butchers in Germany. Our huge sausage range includes delicious bratwurst, chicken, beef, pork and turkey sausages, paprika sausages, frankfurters and many more.


Finest Wholesale German Charcuterie

The Sausage Man is bringing the finest of Germany’s charcuterie to the UK. A big selection of delicatessen for you to take home, including Black Forest ham, smoked pork belly, cold cuts, plus Spaetzle, Maultaschen and much more.


Loved by Our Customers

Our customers range from the hungry crowd in the streets to the chefs of pubs, bars, restaurants and hotels, as well as mobile caterers. More and more people are discovering The Sausage Man! Experience the best for yourself.


The Sausage Man charity project

The Sausage Man brings aid to cyclone ravaged Burma

We have build two schools and two water wells in the isolated Irrawaddy delta of Burma. We are accompanied on the trip by BBC journalists Robin Lustig and the project received great coverage on BBC Radio 4.

For more details please visit our Youtube channel and click on 'SHOW MORE'.

Our Brochure is Packed with Products!

We distribute a wide range of products which we import from Germany, every single one of them from selected butchers. From award winning sausages to premium cuts, we offer competitive prices to make sure you get the best at also the best price. Whether you would like to try a sample box or you need large quantities (to buy wholesale and in bulk), simply get in touch and we will provide you with the perfect products for your business or establishment.

We invite you to view a brochure with videos of all our products as well as downloading a copy to your device!