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The Sausage Man -
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The Sausage Man meets:

Four Quarters Arcade Bar

Let’s Meet Our Customers

Welcome to the start of our series The Sausage Man Meets. We will be visiting our customers and showing off what they have on offer. In this episode we sent Hannah to check out one of our newer commercial clients. Opened in August 2021, the Four Quarters Arcade Bar located in Elephant & Castle, London.

Retro Arcade Games

With 30 original arcade machines and retro gaming booths, Four Quarters Arcade transports you right back to your childhood. The perfect environment to get sausages on the menu. Who wouldn’t want to play video games and eat hot dogs?! And the perfect product to accompany this ultra fun venue can only come from The Sausage Man.

Why use The Sausage Man?

Four Quarters use our classic Pork Hot Dog. Simple and easy to prepare, perfect for a fast pace food service. Limited kitchen appliances are needed to prepare these hot dogs, you can heat them in a Bain Marie. Or you can deep fry them, just like Four Quarters Arcade Bar do.

Sadie from Four Quarters Arcade Bar tells us:

‘Every customer loves the hot dogs, we always recieve great feedback about the flavours. Plus I get to enjoy a freebie when on shift and I always take full advantage of that.

Dogs to suit every business

We loved seeing what Four Quarters had named their dogs, they are so clever and very fitting with the venue. The Yoshi Dog and The Legend of Zel Dog, showing us menu listings do not need to be plain and simple! Both of these are fully loaded dogs, the Yoshi Dog contains Bacon, Pickled Red Onion, Chunky Apple Sauce and English Mustard. And the Legend of Zel Dog is topped with Pickled Red Onions, Ketchup & French Mustard. Very different flavour combinations but we loved the taste and wanted to go back for more!

Feeling Inspired?

Check out our full visit to Four Quarters below, we had a lot of fun here! Maybe this will inspire you to spice up your own menu, the Pork Hot Dog is a fantastic sausage. Or you may have some other ideas that another product may be the perfect fit for. So, if you want some funky hot dogs, we can give you the base and then it’s time to let your imagination run wild!