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Selling Sausage

At Your Garden Centre Xmas Market

Meadow Croft Garden Centre Xmas Market

Sell 17,000 sausages in under 2 months? Find out how Meadow Croft Garden Centre, situated in Battlesbridge Essex, does it. Meadow Croft holds a variety of events throughout the year, the largest of these being the German Market & Christmas Fair.

A True Taste of Germany

Established in 2015 and inspired by traditional German markets, it has proved very popular and is growing year on year. To compliment the range of products sourced from regional German artisans, Meadow Croft chose The Sausage Man to supply a selection of traditional German sausages and beers. This provides a great quality, authentic, food offering for a real taste of Germany.

Ann Albon, Events & Systems Co-ordinator at Meadow Croft Garden Centre:

“The German Market started here in 2015. All of the products we have come in from Germany. So all are authentic, and all have a little story board on the stalls so you can learn more about them.” For ideas on how to hold your own Christmas themed offer, take a look at this video filmed at Meadow Croft Garden Centre’s German Market now:

“We got through over 17,000 sausages, which is absolutely amazing!”

“Obviously the big draw is the German sausage that we have. The Bratwurst, Kaiserwurst (Käsekrainer – Cheese filled German sausage) and the Frankfurters. Also the Vegan Bratwurst and Vegan Hot Dogs. We tried the Engel Beers from The Sausage Man. Which also proved incredibly popular with the customers, so that was a good purchase for us! As of the end of November ’21 we got through over 17,000 sausages, which is absolutely amazing!

“Originally, we purchased sausages direct from Germany. Due to the difficulty in shipping to the UK, delays beyond our control and lead time, we decided to look around for a UK supplier of German sausages. We came across The Sausage Man and ordered a sample box. We’ve been ordering from The Sausage Man for the past couple of years ever since. Our rep, Mark Coles and the customer service team, are very helpful.

“The sausages are very good, very easy to deal with, and the website is excellent. It’s easy to order through it and you can get 24-hour delivery, which is perfect. Especially if you have limited storage space.” The Meadow Croft Garden Centre Xmas Market runs from 16 September to 23 December in 2022. No ticket required. Find out more about the event and venue here.

Specialists in German Sausage

The Sausage Man specialises in the supply of regional, gourmet sausages, charcuterie and other premium German products. Over twenty carefully selected butchers provide a varied range of authentic, fine quality meats and sausages. Bringing a true taste of Germany to operators and chefs across many foodservice sectors.

Quick & Easy Menu Choice

Providing operators with a quick and easy menu choice. These fully cooked, ready to eat, sausages are simple to reheat using basic kitchen appliances. Supplied chilled or frozen, benefiting from a long shelf life. One of the best-loved and well-known menu choices is the Bratwurst sausage. Probably one of the most famous of Germany’s sausages, the Bratwurst is steeped in tradition.

Best for Bratwurst

With a natural casing that gently snaps and a delectable blend of pork and herb seasoning, these are a real customer favourite.  For the ultimate in variety the bratwurst sausages are available in a range of sizes. Choose from:

Frankfurters Too

Another Garden Centre Christmas Market favourite is the ever-popular frankfurter. Our famous Cheese Frankfurters offer the perfect blend of beechwood smoked pork frankfurter and creamy Emmental cheese. Try the depth and richness of the smoky Krakauer Bacon Frankfurter, beautifully smoked pork with added bacon delivers a wonderful texture. Both of these varieties are a generously sized 150g.

Vegan Options Also Available

To accommodate the sausages Brioche Jumbo Hot Dog Rolls are available along with a range of tasty sauces and sides. All of the above sausages are supplied frozen and are gluten free. Recognising the surge for meat-free options, The Sausage Man also offers equally delicious vegan choices. The Vegan Hot Dog and Vegan Bratwurst are made with seitan. Their host of delicious spices completes an inclusive catering menu.

Let Us Visit You Too

The Sausage Man Team love visiting our Commercial Customers to see all the awesome things you do with our products! If you have a venue or event you want us to capture in photo and film, then Contact Us today (F.A.O. The Marketing Team) and we’ll do everything we can to arrange a collab soon!