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Prairie Fire at the Woodlane Arches

Meeting Prairie Fire Restaurant

Looking for that distinctive beefy flavour you thought you could only get from an all American beef hot dog? Well, that is exactly what our customer Prairie Fire were looking for. We spent the day with them as part of the ‘Sausage Man Meets’ series to find out what makes our beef hot dogs so special.

Finding the Taste of Home

Prairie Fire are known for transporting you to the US, with their American Style BBQ and Mid-Western comfort food. Depending on which American state you are in, the Barbeque preparation will vary. At Prairie Fire their inspiration is from Kansas City. Therefore, all the meats are smoked and there is a big focus on sauce, they have even created their own. So, adding hot dogs to the menu was an obvious choice, however finding the right product to fit was not an easy task.

When you think of American hot dogs, you think beef. But how do you find the right beef hot dog? Michael Founder of Prairie Fire explains:

‘When we started the search we could only find pork hot dogs and sausages. However, we then came across The Sausage Man and the Beef Hot Dog ticked all the boxes and reminded me of all those hot dogs from home.

American Beef Hot Dog

If you are looking for an American inspired hot dog then the beef hot dog is what you need. Giving you the flavour of the states, but don’t just take our word for it as Prairie Fire feel the same way. Our American beef hot dogs can be prepared in many different ways. Prairie Fire choose to slice it in half and then sear either side on the grill taking a speedy 2-3 minutes, they are then ready to serve! Watch our visit to Prairie Fire now and find out more about them!

What’s on the Menu?

Prairie Fire have two Kansas City inspired Hot dogs on the menu. First up is the Chilli Cheese Dog which features our American Beef Hot Dog. Topped with homemade fiery chilli, cheese sauce and crispy onions. Next we have the Porky Dog, again with our Beef Hot Dog. This time, topped with BBQ Smoked Pulled Pork – now the name makes sense. Adding their homemade BBQ Sauce, House Pickled Jalapeños and Crispy Onions, boy oh boy this was incredible. We believe Prairie Fire have really created a true American BBQ eating experience.