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Bierschenke Embrace Oktoberfest Traditions

The Sausage Man Joins Forces with Bierschenke

Located on Liverpool Street, Bierschenke has established itself as the most authentic Munich Bierkeller in the UK. With a dedication to traditional Bavarian flavours and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, Bierschenke has grown from humble beginnings to a beloved London institution.

Every year, Bierschenke brings the spirit of Oktoberfest Traditions to London, celebrating this iconic Bavarian festival with authentic German food, traditional music, and hearty cuisine, making it the perfect place to experience the true essence of Munich’s famed beer festival.

Savor Oktoberfest Tradition

With The Sausage Man as their supplier, renowned for high-quality German sausages, Bierschenke’s rich menu is further enhanced. Choosing The Sausage Man as a supplier not only ensures authenticity but also guarantees that patrons will savour every bite as they immerse themselves in the vibrant spirit of Oktoberfest tradition.

The Sausage Man Joins Forces with Bierschenke

Ultimate Oktoberfest Traditions with Bierschenke

In 2023, Bierschenke’s relocation to Covent Garden captured the essence of a German Bierkeller. German patrons consistently praise the superior quality of their beers and sausages. Calum, the general assistant manager, noted, “We have quite a lot of German customers, and they say the quality of our beers and sausages is better than in Germany. Let’s be honest, people always turn up for a drink, but they stay because of the food.

During Oktoberfest, the atmosphere transforms into a lively Bavarian celebration, complete with an Oompah band and staff adorned in traditional attire. These special touches make Bierschenke a standout destination for Oktoberfest celebrations in London. Discover more about the cherished Oktoberfest tradition at Bierschenke in the video below.

Elevating Oktoberfest Traditions Cuisine with The Sausage Man

Thanks to The Sausage Man, Bierschenke’s Oktoberfest menu offers something truly special, bringing the authentic and unique flavors of Germany straight to London.

Featuring iconic sausages like Bratwurst and Cheese Frankfurter, every bite transports you to the heart of Bavaria. Additionally, offerings such as Weisswurst, Leberkäse, Debrecener, and essential toppings like Curry Ketchup enhance the authentic experience.

Moreover, The Sausage Man expertly crafts these mouthwatering offerings, which perfectly complement Bierschenke’s carefully curated drink selection. This harmonious pairing elevates the entire dining experience.

As mentioned by Calum, this exceptional combination ensures that every visit to Bierschenke during Oktoberfest is not just a meal, but a memorable celebration of Bavarian culture.

Beyond Sausages: Elevate Your Menu with The Sausage Man

We are not stopping here. As mentioned above, at The Sausage Man, we provide more than sausages for your menu to bring more joy to your customers. Let’s see what we have for you:

  • Weisswurst: A signature sausage from the Bavarian region, Weisswurst, meaning “white sausage,” is made from minced pork and veal and usually boiled. Furthermore, it is enhanced with parsley, onions, and cardamom. This traditional delicacy is an absolute must for Oktoberfest-themed menus and events!
  • Paprika Debrecener: Originally named after the Hungarian city of Debrecen, this sausage offers great taste with a bit of spice. Created from a mixture of beef and pork meat, it is seasoned with sweet paprika and smoked for great flavour. Moreover, the Debrecener boasts a fine texture within a sheep casing, making it a delightful addition to any meal.
  • Leberkäse: Also referred to as German Meatloaf, this delicious dish is made from mixed pork and beef meat with fantastic flavourings. Its smooth taste and finely ground ingredients make it a brilliant side or main meat in a dish. We have everything to support and supply your business, not just for Oktoberfest.
  • Pork Knuckle: Pork knuckles are an Oktoberfest favourite, typically roasted on the bone for a smoky, authentic flavour. For over 15 years, we have supplied German pork knuckles to UK events, all crafted by a German Master Butcher. Perfect for Oktoberfest and year-round menus, these delicious knuckles are sure to be a hit with your customers. Additionally, they bring a touch of traditional Bavarian cuisine to any occasion.

Savour Every Bite: The Sausage Man’s Exquisite Offerings

At The Sausage Man, we passionately dedicate ourselves to bringing authentic German flavors to your menu. Whether you’re planning an Oktoberfest event or seeking to enhance your regular offerings, our meticulously crafted products are designed to impress and delight your customers. Furthermore, join us in celebrating the best of Bavarian cuisine and elevate your offerings with the exceptional taste of The Sausage Man.