Bulk Hot Dogs UK Wholesalers and Premium Suppliers The Sausage Man

To buy bulk hot dogs is easy with the Sausage Man, simply contact us today and we will do our utmost to cater for any special requirements. This business has been importing great quality sausages from premium butchers in Germany for many years now.

Established in 2004, The Sausage Man made a difference to London delis as well as restaurants, pubs and other catering business by providing them with authentic premium German sausages that were being imported every week.

You can order hot dogs in bulk from the wide range of sausage and cold meats they import. Their wholesale prices are very competitive and unbeatable in taste. Want to see for yourself? Order a sample box from them and taste these delicious sausages or provide your discerning customer with them.

Wholesale hot dogs and German sausages suppliers UK

The different range of hot dogs make The Sausage Man a great one-stop-shop. Just look at the great variety and types and ´╗┐sizes! The sizes provided are: 200r, 150gr, 160r, 110r, 100g, 80g, 55r and 25r across footlong krakauer and bratwurst, XXL bratwurst, bacon frankfurter and cheese frankfurter, chili beef, jumbo frankfurter, beef, pork hot dog and beef hot dog, vegan frankfurter, weisswurst, paprika sausage, vienna frankfurter and the delicious chipolata sausages (mini vienna hot dogs).

All of the sausages provided are gluten free except the vegan sausage. Allergens to be found would be celeriac and mustard.

All in all, excellent quality and variety for unbeatable bulk hot dog prices.

For cheap hot dogs in bulk please ask for the promotion of the month, sometimes you get great prices going!

Remember then to buy hot dogs in bulk with The Sausage Man. Order yours today!

We invite you to view a brochure with videos of all our products as well as downloading a copy to your device!

For hotdogs in bulk UK wholesale prices please contact us. You can also download our brochure by clicking here.