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Philli’s Signature Hot Dog

Philli’s Signature Hot Dog

The Sausage Man has challenged a series of chefs to create their signature hot dog with us. And whilst doing so we get to see their secret hot dog recipes. We will share with you fantastic ways to elevate your standard hot dog offering.

Chef Philli Armitage-Mattin

Master Chef Professionals 2020 finalist, Chef Philli Armitage-Mattin, joined The Sausage Man for two series in 2021. Cooking with Chef Philli where she created delicious dishes inspired from around the world. And the BBQ Summer sessions where she cooked dishes you did not expect on the BBQ. Chef Philli created many fancy dishes for us with chefy enhancements.

Asian Inspired Ingredients

In our previous series featuring Chef Philli she shows us how many of her dishes are Asian inspired. She explains “This is all the flavours that I love. Asian flavours all encased in this beautiful hot dog with some fun ingredients.”

First Episode

Chef Philli uses the fiery Chilli Beef Giant Frankfuter for her signature dog. Topped with Japanesse sauces and shimeji mushrooms. Perfect for creating that umami taste. And rounded off with Lamb Westons waffle fries. You have a delicious Japanesse inspired hot dog ready to serve.

Philli’s Signature Hot Dog

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  • Prep your Sausages
    Cook your Chilli Beef Frankfurters in the oven for around 10 minutes at 200°C. Whilst the frankfurters are cooking prepare the shimeji mushrooms.
  • Shimeji Mushrooms
    Add a squeeze of olive oil to a hot pan and add your mushrooms with a pinch of salt cook for 1 min and then add vinegar. Allow to reduce slightly and then take off the heat to cool down.
  • Potato Toppings
    Deep fry your waffle fries. Cook these until they are golen brown and crispy. Set aside ready to create the hot dog.
  • Hot Dog Rolls
    Meanwhile place your hot dog roll in the oven alongside the frankfurters. Leave for around 2 minutes. This is to slightly warm them.
  • Sauce Time
    Firstly add the sriracha sauce and japanesse mayo kewpie to the base of the bun. Add the Chilli Beef to the centre and then layer the sauces on to it again.
  • Essential Toppings
    Layer up with kimchi and add your wafle fries to the side of the dog. Sprinkle on top the mushrooms and cripsy fried onions. Lastly garnish with chilli rings and micro shiso. Enjoy and serve.

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