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Cheese Frank Corn Dog

Bar Snack Corn Dogs

Executive Chef of German Gymnasium, Bjoern Wassmuth, talks to The Sausage Man and Lamb Weston about preparing German food with style. With some top tips to make our hot dogs even more impressive, Chef Bjoern gives us an exclusive insight into how he creates dishes and bar snacks that look and taste amazing!

German Gymnasium

The iconic German Gymnasium restaurant sits between St Pancras International and Kings Cross, at 1 King’s Boulevard in London. Part of the prestigious D&D restaurant group, German Gymnasium specialises in warming German “comfort food”. Chef Bjoern creates wholesome and tasty dishes that look and taste great, pleasing patrons at this busy city centre location all year round.

A Corn Dog Snack

Chef Bjoern explains: “The corn dog is more of an American style snack, where you use a traditional pancake batter and you substitute some of the flour with a little bit of cornmeal or polenta.”

Seventh Episode

In this episode, Chef Bjoern shows us how easy it is to make American style corn dogs. Using the Cheese Frankfurter adds a fantastic cheesy flavouring to the battered dogs. And topped with wedges and a curry sauce to garnish. A quick and simple bar snack that everyone will love. Add to your menu now!

Inspirational Dishes

Cheese Frankfurter XXL

1 1/2 Sausages per serving

Lamb Weston Wedge Cut

100g per serving

Pancake Batter (minus some flour)

150g per serving

Cornmeal or Polenta

15g per serving


100g for dipping

Curry Sauce

50g per serving

Chillies (garnish)

a sprinkle

Spring Onion (garnish)

a sprinkle

Hot Dog Sauce

For dipping


Prepare the sausages

Slice the cheese frankfurters in half and pop onto a skewer. Roll the skewered sausage into some flour and cover completely shaking off any excess. Mix up your pancake batter with the cornmeal or polenta, making sure you have a thin consistency. Dip the floured sausage into the batter ensuring the whole sausage is covered.

Fry Up

Pop the sausages covered in batter straight into the fryer. The corn dogs should turn golden brown when done. This will take around 2-3 minutes.

Add some garnish

To perfectly compliment the corn dogs, add a drizzle of curry sauce over each dog. Garnish with some chillies and spring onion. Add a side of wedges and some hot dog sauce as a dip. Serve and watch your customers enjoy this delicious snack.