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Bjoern’s Signature Hot Dog

Bjoern’s Signature Hot Dog

The Sausage Man has challenged a series of chefs to create their signature hot dog with us. And whilst doing so we get to see their secret hot dog recipes. We will share with you fantastic ways to elevate your standard hot dog offering.

Chef Bjoern Wassmuth

Executive Chef of German Gymnasium, treated The Sausage Man to his top tips of cooking German food German in style. Hosting us from his Chef Home that German Gymnasium where they specialise in warming German “comfort food”. Chef Bjoern showed this throughout his many delicious recipes, watch Chef Bjoern’s Pro Tips and try them today.

Direct from the Menu

For Chef Bjoern’s signature hot dog he lets us in on a recipe straight the menu of German Gymnasium. Sharing the GG’s take on a Chilli Beef Dog. Packed with flavour and menu ready.

Second Episode

The base for Chef Bjoern’s signature hot dog is the Chilli Beef Giant Frankfurter. He useds pulled pork and their own house curry sauce to enhance the fiery flavour. Unfortuantely there are some secrets that must remain, and we cannot tell you the ingredients of the hoGG house curry auce. However, this can be relaced by your own curry sauce..


Ingredients Quantities
Chilli Beef Giant Frankfurter 28cm 1 per serving
Brioche Jumbo Hot Dog Roll 21cm 1 per serving
Curry Sauce 50g per serving
Pulled Pork 50g per serving
Coleslaw 25g per sreving
Curry Powder A Sprinkle
Fried Onions For Garnish
Chillies For Garnish


Step 1

Heat up your pulled pork and mix it with half of your curry sauce.

Note; Chef Bjoern uses GG House Curry Sasuce, however your own curry sauce will work perfectly with this recipe.

Step 2

Time for the most important ingreidnt of your signature hot dog.

Cook your Chill Beef Frankfurter until it is lightly charred. This should only take a few minutes on the grill. While cooking your sausage, slightly toast the Brioche Roll.

Step 3

Next put your coleslaw into the Brioche Roll. Add the chilli beef frankfurter, followed by the pulled pork topping. Layer up with the remaining curry sauce and a sprinkle of curry powder. Finish with a garnish of onions and chillies.

Add to your menu and serve. Enjoy!