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When it comes to prime hot dog catering there's nothing like serving footlong hot dogs. They're fun, they look great, they taste superb. Find below the toppings that will dress up your footlong hot dog like nothing else. 

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As Wholesale Footlong Hot Dog Suppliers We Know One or Two Things About Toppings... 

We provide the UK and abroad with excellent footlong hot dogs at fantastic wholesale prices. But the job of wowing your customers (and you have to get it right) doesn't end there. You must provide them with a fantastic dish (here's an article on what makes a good restaurant) if you want them to come back for more. Here we discuss 4 toppings we think will make your footlong hot dog go that extra mile further! 

A Whooping 200gr Sausage!

Our footlongs are big, tasty and well, just very long! It can't get much better than this, our imported beauties are the real deal. They come from award winning butchers in Germany and our customers simply love them. 

Let's have a look at 4 toppings that will make your footlong absolute winners.

1. Hot & Spicy: There's Nothing Like the Jalapeño! 

Wholesale jalapeños UK suppliers

Have you tried topping your hot dogs with jalapeños? These juicy round slices of hot chili peppers are a favourite in many catering businesses. Its smooth flesh and tanginess at the bite makes this topping an absolute favourite. Not everyone will be able to take this spicy chili pepper but we think that you should definitely have it as an option as more and more people seem to love the heat nowadays! Here's a little more on this lovely, hot pepper.

2. Pungent & Sauer: Sauerkraut For That Tanginess!

Wholesale sauerkraut UK suppliers

Is the jalapeño a little too hot for your liking? Then try sauerkraut. It will provide a similar result because of the tanginess but you won't have to put up with the heat that the jalapeño pepper is well known for. Sauerkraut is very tasty and adds that extra touch to your footlong hot dog. You can grill it together with your sausages for extra flavour. It definitely adds a different touch to the dish. A must!

3. Saucy & Stewy: Chili Con Carne Will Fill Them Up!

Wholesale chili con carne UK suppliers

As if a footlong hot dog wasn't enough, for those who need that 'extra' to fill their tummy we suggest the fabulously tasty chili con carne. It is packed with sauce and flavour: the beans will definitely make people feel fuller after eating it as a topping over their footlongs. You simply can't fail with this choice: if you're feeding hungry mouths you'll need something as filling as this to keep them happy! Do you still think it won't be enough to satisfy their appetites? Check the suggestion we give you below!

4. Sweet & Fleshy: BBQ Flavoured Pulled Pork is a Winner!

Wholesale pulled pork UK suppliers

BBQ'd pulled pork is simply delicious. This is the ultimate filler: adding meat to meat! The sugary mix together with the slow cooking make this topping a beast of a topping. If we suggested chili con carne as a way to fulfil the hungry crowds, pulled pork is the topping that will satisfy the hungry beasts! This is the one that will satisfy the hungriest of customers. Give it a try!

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