Hot Dog Manufacturers in UK The Sausage Man on Their Selection Process

The Sausage Man has always been defined by its high standards and award winning products. But do you know how the hot dog manufacturing process works and what drives the company to choose their particular hot dogs? Below The Sausage Man discusses how better products will generate your business more sales, how creating their own sausage meat recipe is important to them, the tremendous flexibility when it comes to providing custom hot dog sizes and more.

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Hot dog manufacturers UK based The Sausage Man on hot dog selection behind the scenes 

Can you briefly discuss the state of the hot dog manufacturing business in the UK? And how would you compare it with the hot dog manufacturers in Germany?

To be fair, we are not too familiar with the hot dog production in the UK. All we know is that the hot dog products produced in the UK currently available on the market are visually similar to our products. However, they do differ from our products in terms of ingredients, texture and taste. Here's a little on the German bratwurst, for example. Here's our page on the bratwurst.

Apart from our own hot dog production in South Germany, we have been working together with bigger hot dog manufacturers in Germany for the production of larger volumes. These manufacturers are all EU certified for export, plus hold an IFS (International Food Standard) accreditation or similar. As these manufacturers produce our hot dogs according to our specifications, we regularly visit them in order to inspect the facilities, and also to assure they are using high quality ingredients only. Basically, the hot dogs in Germany are produced by adhering to the strict guidelines.

We use 3 main ingredients only, which are: lean meat, fat and drinking water. The rest of the ingredients are seasoning and preservatives. No fillers or bulking agents are used. All hot dogs are Gluten free and pre-cooked.

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Why The Sausage Man over more economical options here in the UK?

We are aware that there are more economical versions of the hot dog around in the UK, but our current wholesale prices merely reflect the quality of our products. Take a look at our beef hot dogs, pork hot dogs and cheese sausages, for example.

In the past we had a hard time convincing people that a better quality product would generate more sales. But quality product matters. With time, people in the UK gained a lot of food awareness and are nowadays more prepared to pay a little extra if they get the right quality.

How do you come up with your particular types of hot dogs? Your brochure is always packed with a broad range - do you think about your own mixes regarding types meat, spices, etc?

We do list almost all of the ​most popular hot dogs, but in addition we have included some with our own recipe.

We would take a standard hot dog and then change things such as the texture, or adding things such as chopped bacon and herbs, or using different spices. Have a look at our video brochure by clicking on the link and check out some of our sausages and hot dogs on the videos.

We usually get inspired by our customers and chefs, but also by current market trends. We are basically very flexible when it comes to bespoke recipes and sizes.

What type of butchers do you choose when manufacturing the hot dogs, creating your recipes and importing the products?

We have been working with the same hot dog manufacturers for many years now.

When it comes to manufacturing hot dogs, we look for butchers that can produce the same good quality hot dogs in large numbers, at a competitive price without compromising on ingredients and quality.

We also select butchers which have been awarded for specific products, which we like to include into our range.

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