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We've Moved

(New Warehouse Still On The Same Estate)

Bigger & Better Warehouse

Please note that we’ve now completed the move to our new warehouse facilities. Still located on St Margaret’s Farm, just round the corner from our original warehouse, you won’t have to go far to find us!

Report to Our Reception

  1. Offices: please report to the Reception in our offices when making a collection or delivery, as the team will be able to direct you further. We still maintain some of our existing warehouse facilities, so you may not be collecting from the new building – and you may be redirected back to the Office if you skip it the first time.
  2. New Warehouse: replacing our original main warehouse, this much larger space will be the main collection point for most from here on out.

New Road Coming Soon

There will be a new bypass road connecting the space between our old and new warehouse locations, but this is still under construction at the moment. For now you will need to follow the route on the graphic above, until the new road is operational. There will also be new side access to our freezer warehouse, to make loading/unloading easier and more efficient for all.