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Smoked Bacon Rashers: The Ultimate Hot Dog Topping

There's one saying that is continually brought up in the culinary world, and it's proven to be true time and time again: bacon goes great with just about anything. It's versatile for one, offering up plenty of options that can cater to just about any palette aside from the vegetarian and vegan crowd. Its immense tastiness also seems to go on for miles and miles.

Smoked Bacon Rashers Gives Life to the Hot Dog!

Many a chef and home-cook kitchen wiz use it as the "cherry on top" of established dishes. Take the hot dog for example. While some turn their nose up at the very thought of these bun-ridden franks, a nice smoked bacon rasher is just the thing to give them some new life!

One common complaint about your run of the mill hot dog is that it just doesn't have much flavour. If you're going to be taking in all that fat and all those calories, you certainly want to at least enjoy the taste! Well, a smoked bacon rasher is absolutely brimming with flavour thanks to the wood smoke that its name is derived from. With this beautiful extra kick topping your hot dog, you'll likely not hear a single complaint for any guest or family member currently sitting at your dinner table.

Wrap the Bacon Around the Hot Dog

There are many ways to adorn your bacon rasher topped hot dog of course. One popular method is to wrap the bacon around the hot dog, allowing the flavour to remain even and consistent throughout. You can also chop the bacon up and sprinkle it on alongside other toppings. Try adding some on both the top and bottom for a bit of extra kick and crunch! Finally, a perhaps less exciting but still adequately tasty method is to simply lay your rasher flat right on top. After a hard day's work, who's going to complain?

Bring Your Hot Dog to the Next Level

While a perfectly crisp and tasty smoked bacon rasher is really all you should need to bring your hot dog to the next level, there are at least a few other ingredients you might want to try pairing with it. First of all, a dab of chipotle mayo will work wonders, and add yet another layer of richness and flavour. Lightly smoked onions will also work, provided you or your guests have the taste for them. Just don't overdo it or the texture won't work. Finally, if you want to get a bit exotic, try adding a few chunks of pineapple. You might be surprised with the results!

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