8 Tips When Buying Hot Dogs in Bulk

The Sausage Man has been a wholesale hot dog suppliers in the UK for over 10 years now. Through using our extensive buying power we may be able to satisfy specific bulk item requirements. For further information please call our sales department on 01322 867 060.

Buying hot dogs in bulk is good news because it means there is great demand from your customers. When buying in bulk there are a few things you need to know, and having had experience with wholesale German products for many years now we can help you with a few tips we've learned over the years. We hope they help you! Contact us if you have any questions regarding buying in bulk. Alternatively you can check out our FAQ page.

Here are 8 tips when buying hot dogs in bulk.

1. We help you get exactly what you need

When buying in big quantities we always make sure you will get exactly what you need. This means you won't have to worry about exact amounts (particularly useful if this is the first time you're needing larger quantities). For your piece of mind, we produce samples and write down product specifications prior to sending the shipment to you.

2. This is a great way to save money 

Buying bulk is a great way of saving money. The products are cheaper this way and your pocket will notice it. Note that not only you'll save money on the products but also on transportation costs. However, don’t forget to include in your calculation factors storage costs and limited shelf life of the product!

3. You can offer your customer great deals

When buying bulk you can offer great deals to your customers. You can offer different packages to adjust to your customers' needs. Some will find your new offers cost-effective and you'll be able to generate new interest. 

4. Never run out of stock

Another solid advantage is the fact that you most likely not run out of products when you carry large stock. How many times did you get a large order and you realised you don’t have enough stock? Well, not anymore when you buy in bulk!

5. Go green!

Yes, that's right - going green is a major plus for bulk buying as it shrinks the carbon and energy footprint on the transportation. How cool is that?

7. Create your own labels

Another advantage is when buying bulk that we can label your products with your company name and address. This will create good reception with your customers as a sense of a solid branding is always synonym of reliability. 

8. Supply high demands

if you buy a popular product in bulk, you are less likely to run out quick if demands are high. You might also end up with customers finding it more comfortable to purchase larger quantities from you. You might end up selling in bulk yourself!

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