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The Sausage Man offers a range of hot dog toppings at wholesale prices which you can buy in bulk. Find below an interview where The Sausage Man talks about these toppings in detail as well as disclosing a favourite amongst them.

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Questions and answersThe Sausage Man about their tasty paprika sausages, a product which is part of their extensive premium range.

Wholesale hot dog UK suppliers and German sausages

You've added to your brochure hot dog toppings which you also sell wholesale. Can you tell us a little bit about each of the toppings just so the interested reader can have a bit of background on them?

Yes, we have added the most popular hot dog toppings such as: Gherkins, Dried onions, Jalapenos and Sauerkraut, which are all Veggie toppings, plus we have added the popular meat toppings such as: Chilli con Carne, Pulled Pork and Bacon. Whichever topping you choose, you can create a fantastic tasting Hot Dog, as these toppings will add some additional awesome flavour.

For the person who is new to the business and is interested in buying hot dog toppings from you, if you had to choose one or two toppings to get started with, which ones should they be going for first?

I would say, to start off, one should choose a lighter topping such as Jalapenos, Dried Onions and Sauerkraut, they are always a winner.

You offer a nice range of toppings (meat and veggie). Which is more popular out of the two? And, out of all of the toppings, which is your bestseller so far?

So far the most popular toppings have been the veggie just to add extra flavour, however we only added the meaty toppings recently and they are already popular.

Your brochure is getting packed with more and more products. This is excellent news for any discerning customer as they'll be able to use The Sausage Man as a general provider for most of the products. Can they also get sample boxes when it comes to the toppings?

In general, we are trying to provide as many different samples as possible, as for which topping the costumer wants to sample will need to be discussed.

Your prices are competitive and you are well known for providing your customers with premium products. What makes your toppings different to any other provider in the UK?

They are also made in Germany as most of our products, and toppings like the sauerkraut on wholesale is hard to find. Also our Gherkins are very popular with American diners for their flavour.

Do you think sauerkraut should be a common topping amongst hot dog lovers? How popular is it in the UK country compared with, let's say, jalapeños?

I would say that Jalapenos might be more popular with people who like it spicy and the Sauerkraut would be nore suited to people who prefer a bit of a pickle.

The crispy fried onions topping add a sweet touch to the hot dogs. It's increasingly popular and a great alternative to fresh onions. Do you find this topping is getting more and more popular?

Definitely, we have increased our sales of the crispy onions by more than double in recent months.

German gherkins vs. any other gherkins. Why should we go German with the gherkins?

It’s the way the German gherkins are pickled and the herbs and seasonings which are used. Also there is a certain sweetness to them as a contrast to the vinegar flavour which adds great taste to them.

Pulled pork has also come into the scene in the last couple of years. Are you planning on adding more toppings as they become popular in the next two / three years? Or maybe you're sticking with your current ones for a while...

We will certainly watch the market and see what are the latest food trends, and according to that we will add more products. Also, if we come up with a good recipe, we might just introduce a completely new product.

Which is your personal favourite topping?

Personally, my one is a combination of all the veggie toppings along with some mustard.

And, finally, do you run any discounts with your hot dog toppings as well?

For standard orders we don’t as these prices are already competitive, but any discounts depend entirely on order volumes.

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