Wholesale Vienna Hot Dogs Suppliers Talk About this Delicious Sausage!

In this article we discuss with The Sausage Man the best way to cook the Vienna beef hot dog, what makes their Vienna one of the best ones around, all about sizes, weight and casing, a little bit of the history and the fact that they've been importing this product since day one. 

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What You Need to Know About Our Vienna Beef Sausages (We Also Supply Vienna Pork Sausages)

Q. The Sausage Man also imports and distributes Vienna hot dogs at wholesale prices. What's the difference between this hot dog and the regular Frankfurter?

The German/Austrian Vienna Sausage is similar to the Frankfurter, but finer in texture and more delicate in flavour and instead of a big pork casing it is filled in a sheep casing.

The American Vienna is more of a hot dog style, made from either pork, beef or chicken/turkey meat.

Q. What sizes are you offering at the moment?

We offer the Pork and the Beef Vienna hot dogs in 80g or 110g.

Q. Do you also offer custom sizes? Maybe you can add here more info for customers interested in this option.

We are able to make custom sizes, this is subject to quantities. We already produce individual sizes of the Vienna’s for various customers. 

Sizes and meat options can be discussed with one of our food specialist.

Q. When did you first start importing it and why.

We did import the German Vienna sausages from day one, but soon realised that many of our customers wanted the American Vienna Hot Dogs which are currently one of our most popular Hot Dogs.

Q. What makes your Vienna beef hot dog sausage different to other suppliers' products? Are we talking quality/price/size...?

The quality of our Vienna Hot Dogs is premium, as with all our other products too. So far, we have had only the best feedbacks from people who tried them. The price is very competitive considering the excellent quality.

Q. Tell us something about the origins and variety of this particular sausage, just so we illustrate a bit of its background for the potential interested customer.

They are originally made from spiced ham and can be filled in pork or sheep casings. The Hot Dog Viennas are mostly skinless.

Depending on their origin, in Austria they call them Viennese sausage, in Germany Frankfurter Wuerstl and in southern Germany Wienerle or Saitenwuerste.

In America they are known as Beef Vienna or Pork Vienna. They have also canned versions of them.

Q. How popular is it within your range of products?

At the moment they are very popular as the Hot Dog has become a very trendy food snack, and by now many people know that our Vienna Dogs are the real deal compared with to cheaper supermarket versions.

Q. Best way to cook it

They come pre-cooked and can be re-heated in any which way such as boiling, steaming, shallow-frying or and the griddle or Hot dog rollers. They are very easy to handle.

Q. Do you also supply the smoked version?

All our Vienna Sausages/Hot Dogs come pre-cooked and smoked and of course are gluten free.

Q. Any allergens we should be aware of?

Our Vienna Hot Dogs don’t contain allergens.

Q. Is this hot dog part of your sample box?

Of course it is. As they come in various different sizes and varieties, just let us know which ones you are interested in and we will send you the right products. Here's a link to our sample box page.

Q. Do you sell it in bulk? What are the minimum and maximum quantities?

As established distributors and importers we do sell these in bulk, ranging from our minimum order of £125.00 to pallet loads. Contact us for prices, online orders, etc and any other information you need regarding this product and we will be very happy to assist you. 

Q. How many come in a pack?

The come in packs of 10 units.

Q. What is their shelf life opened and once opened?

Once opened, they should be consumed within a few days to assure the best quality. They would last open and chilled for at least a week to a maximum of 10days.

Q. What's your favourite way of eating this particular hot dog?

They are very delicious by themselves, but my favourite is have them in a soft bun with all our toppings.

Q. Anything else you think the interested reader should know about the Vienna sausage?

As mentioned before, the Vienna Hot Dogs come in different flavours and sizes and the names for them can vary. They are very versatile and are best used as Hot Dogs.

I suggest, our readers should try them to get an idea of their delicious taste.

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