Venison & Wild Boar Bratwurst Burger

Executive Chef of German Gymnasium, Bjoern Wassmuth, talks to The Sausage Man and Lamb Weston about preparing German food with style. With some top tips to make our hot dogs even more impressive, Chef Bjoern gives us an exclusive insight into how he creates dishes that look and taste amazing!

German Gymnasium

The iconic German Gymnasium restaurant sits between St Pancras International and Kings Cross, at 1 King’s Boulevard in London. Part of the prestigious D&D restaurant group, German Gymnasium specialises in warming German “comfort food”. Chef Bjoern creates wholesome and tasty dishes that look and taste great, pleasing patrons at this busy city centre location all year round.

Perfect Sausage Preparation

Chef Bjoern explains: “In Germany most sausages are fully cooked before they come to the shop. The best way to reheat them is to either pop them in the oven for a couple of minutes, so they get a nice temperature at their core. Or, when you’re in a restaurant, you heat them in a lightly salted water and then pop them on a really hot chargrill to give them that nice crispy char around the sausage. But be careful – don’t go too hot, because the sausage might pop!”

Second Episode

In this episode, Chef Bjoern takes on the venison, wild boar and pork bratwurst from The Sausage Man, with a side of delicious Potato wedges from Lamb Weston. He shows a traditional way that game meat would be served in Germany. We are sure this combination is something that will impress your customers.

Inspirational Dishes

Chef Bjoern tells us: “With Venison or game in general, back in Germany you would serve with red cabbage, fruits, pears and preiselbeeren – translated to lingonberries a traditional garnish for game meat.”

Ingredients Quantities
Venison, Wild Boar & Pork Bratwurst 1 per serving
Pretzel Bun 1 per serving
Lamb Weston Potato Wedges 100g per serving
Hainich Rotkohl (Red Cabbage) 50g per serving
Gravy 20ml per serving
Apple 2 slices
Mustard Snack Sauce Sweet 2 table spoons
Lingonberry 1 table spoons
Crispy Fried Onions A handful
Red Vein Sorrel a pinch for garnish


Red Cabbage Prep

Heat up your red cabbage in a pan on a low heat, add the gravy to the mix and stir. Cook until the cabbage has a thick consistency.

Chargrilled Apple

Thinly slice your apple. Use 2 slices per burger, lightly char grill each slice on both sides.

Venison, Wild Boar and Pork Bratwurst

Heat your Venison, Wild Boar & Pork Bratwurst in your oven for 5 minutes (10 minutes from frozen) until hot through. Alternatively, for restaurant kitchens, heat in a bain-marie (or water bath with hot water, not boiling) until warmed through. Take your pre-warmed sausages and place on the char-grill for a couple of minutes, turning once, until both sides are nicely charred. Slice the venison sausage in small chunks ready to be plated.


Cook your Lamb Weston Potato Wedges in your fryer until crispy and brown.

Plating Up & Additional Toppings

Take your Pretzel bun, layer with the red cabbage and  apple slices, add your chopped Venison sausages. Add a generous layer of the Mustard snack sauce followed by a dollop of Lingonberry. Sprinkle on some crispy onions and garnish with red vein sorrel. Add to the plate with the potato wedges. Serve and/or enjoy!