Why should butchers anD other food retailers purchase our products?

Introducing our best selling sausages to you

As shopping for quality meat becomes increasingly difficult with stockpiling and online retailers are being overwhelmed, we want to give the oportunity for butchers and retailers to offer our top products.

Our warehouse is full, we are not affected by the virus and we can deliver quickly.

No minimum order value. Free deliver for orders over £65. Or collect at our Dartford warehouse

Buy our best-quality, best-tasting German sausages from £7 per kg!

With proof of being a butcher or a small retailer, you will get an additional discount of 12.5% to our already fantastic wholesale prices for our key products!

Here’s our list of benefits

  • Quick, easy and accessible WITHOUT any loss to quality: you are always getting premium sausages from us, guaranteed
  • 12.5% discount for butchers and retailers on our web shop
  • Pre-cooked meats have a long fridge/freezer life and significantly elevate the quality of hygiene for end consumers and business customers alike
  • Gluten-free, no filler, with an eclectic variety of flavours
  • Our service has proven to be fast and reliable, with next day delivery across most zones of the UK and a dedicated van route throughout central London
  • Authentic German cuisine is fast growing in popularity throughout the UK. Not just on Xmas Markets and throughout October, but as the warmer months approach customers will be searching for that perfect barbecue sausage
  • It is increasingly important that businesses help one another during these difficult times and offer customers and suppliers options. This reduces the pressure placed on foodservice industry
  • Easy preparation: on the grill or in a pan, in hot water, in the oven or even in the microwave.

We have a complete range of kid’s sausages. Kids absolutely love the taste and the texture. They look stunning and the taste is gorgeous.

And these kid’s sausages work very well as a party platter too. Nobody except some crazy Germans eat 6 or more 150 g sausages. But with our 8 cm sausages, starting at 20g, that’s a totally different story. Imagine a platter with one or two dozen of 5 to 6 different little hot dogs. Yep – your family will love them.

But also, our range of XXL sausages brings various options. There is the most loved Bratwurst – with a taste that nobody could resist. Or the smoky Krakauer with bits of Bacon.

Want something beefier? Our Vienna Beef is the right choice and if you want to add a punch, use our Chilli Beef Giant Frankfurter.

And for the cheese lovers, we have our Cheese Frankfurter XXL. Proper pork hot dog taste combined with melted Emmental Cheese – yeah, you want it now, straight away…

And they also come as Vegan Hot Dogs. Ours is often called the “best vegan hot dog on the market”. German engineering also works vegan…