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Krakauer Bacon Frankfurter XXL 25cm

150g | Pack of 10 | Best before: 01/06/2025


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Introduce our Krakauer Bacon Frankfurter to your culinary menus – the epitome of versatility and flavour. Crafted to seamlessly integrate into any dish, it sets the standard for a premium foodie experience.


  • Bacon Infusion: Delightful smoky bacon bits throughout elevates the classic Frankfurter to new heights.
  • Frankfurter Upgrade: Leave basic Frankfurters behind; this is the luxurious upgrade you’ve been seeking.
  • High Meat Content: With a remarkable 84% meat content, each bite is a testament to quality.
  • Natural Casing: Delivers the perfect snap upon each bite, ensuring a satisfying texture.
  • Award Winning: Honoured with a Great Taste Award, it boasts exceptional flavour recognised by connoisseurs.
  • Easy Cooking: Whether grilled, pan-fried, or BBQ-ed, achieve perfection with ease.


The Krakauer Bacon Frankfurter is a culinary chameleon, serving as the ideal canvas for a variety of exciting dishes. From quick service setups like street vendors to esteemed restaurants seeking a standout menu item, its versatility shines. The smoky bacon flavour also pairs impeccably with a refreshing beer, making it a must-have in pubs and gastro pubs. No matter the venue, offer a premium Frankfurter experience that leaves patrons craving more.


  • The Traditional: Enhance its flavour by scoring the sausage while cooking, then serve alongside Bratkartoffeln and a crisp side salad.
  • Currywurst (South Germany Style): Elevate the classic street food experience by pairing with traditional curry sauce.
  • Loaded Hot Dog: The perfect base for crafting indulgent hot dogs, complimented by a variety of toppings.
  • Mexican Fusion: Embark on a culinary adventure with a breakfast burrito featuring this flavourful Frankfurter.
  • Hearty Soup: Add warmth and comfort to your menu with a traditional German potato Frankfurter soup.

Elevate your menu with our Krakauer Bacon Frankfurter – a premium sausage that transcends expectations, perfect for any occasion.

Nutritional information

Our Bacon Krakauer Franks are 100% filler and gluten free.


Pork 84%, bacon, drinking water, nitrite pickling salt (table salt, preservative: sodium nitrite), dextrose, dry glucose syrup, sugar, spices (contains CELERY), flavour enhancer: monosodium glutamate, spice extracts, seasoning, smoke flavouring, flavouring, stabilisers: sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, diphosphates: antioxidants, ascorbic acid, rosemary extract: acidifier: citric acid, natural pork casing, smoke.

Allergen advice



Per 100g
Energy (kJ) 1271
Energy (Kcal) 307
Fat 28.2g
of which saturates 11.6g
Carbohydrate  0.5g
of which sugars  <0.5g
Protein 12.9g
Salt  2.9g
Sodium 1.2g

Product handling

Cooking times

5 minutes from chilled. 10 minutes from frozen.

Cooking instructions

Grill, Griddle, Oven, Microwave, Bain Marie, Steamer, Deep and Shallow Fry.

Shelf life

When goods are received, please store in freezer immediately and defrost the items before using. Once defrosted, keep the items chilled, if unopened use with 14 days. Once opened, use the products within a few days.


The sausage is 100% pre-cooked, just heat and serve or even eat cold. Risk free.

13 reviews for Krakauer Bacon Frankfurter XXL 25cm

  1. James Blackshaw (verified owner)

    These delightful smokey sausages are really flavoursome and versatile. You can poach them, grill them, fry them.
    Really decent size too

  2. Redscatering (verified owner)

    These are lovely and smoked just like the cheese but without the lava. Nice herbs and bacon perfect on the bbq

  3. Mgratton (verified owner)

    Great smokey taste.

  4. Russell Wickham (verified owner)

    Wonderful texture just like the cheese version but with added bits of soft bacon. These frankfurters with pan fry of better yet BBQ to perfection. So delicious I will be adding these to my next order for sure for everyone to try at the next garden party!

  5. Anthony Norris (verified owner)

    Great smokey flavour, highly recommend to everyone!

  6. Rebecca Fierro (verified owner)

    Fast delivery and really tasty hotdogs. Will definitely buy these again

  7. Nicky Jacobs (verified owner)

    These are my families favorite by far, cannot recommend these enough definitely buying these again

  8. Hari Sukarjo (verified owner)

    Picked these at random when purchased and they are amazing. Perfect to grill on the BBQ

  9. Christopher Halford (verified owner)

    Smoky, salty, juicy sausage, my 1st choice of the 3 types we ordered.

  10. Aaron Everitt (verified owner)

    I ordered these babies as part of the value pack and can’t recommend them enough. A lovely pop to the skin, delicious smoky taste, and appetite sating! All arrived very well packed and ready to freeze.

  11. Amanda Northfield (verified owner)

    One of the best frankfurter we have had

  12. [email protected] (verified owner)

    Really nice. That’s the first 10 pack gone in 2 days 🙂
    Slow cooked in the frying pan Thursday, but for the ultimate experience, cooked on the Barbie Friday. Looking forward to trying the cheese one s next 🙂

  13. Gregor Winter

    This is a really delicious sausage. The smokey flavour is great – this is the perfect sausage to make an authentic German Curry Wurst.

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