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Bring the Flavour of Germany to Your Venue

Looking to supply the most premium of German sausage to your bar, restaurant or venue this footie season? Look no further…

Welcome to The Sausage Man. Here is your gateway to the true tastes of Germany, right here in the UK. Known for our unrivalled taste and unapologetically German charm, you can now get the premium taste of different German sausages delivered directly to your business.

Bring the punters running to the door as England kicks off against Serbia in EURO 2024—all while treating them to the irresistible taste of German sausages, like they’re in Gelsenkirchen stadium. Perfectly paired with an ice-cold beer, the German sausage is the ultimate crowd-pleaser, mimicking the atmosphere of German markets. Our sausages are guaranteed to be loved by all and promise to add an authentic touch to your establishment for the EURO 2024.

Why The Sausage Man For Your EURO’s 2024 Menu


 We are authentically German. We provide regional specialities packed with flavour that deliver the real deal. With our sausages, you can effortlessly recreate the vibrant ambiance of a German beer garden, right in your pub, bar, or restaurant—so that your EURO 2024 watching party can bring the electricity of the stadiums.


 What’s one thing you worry about when the punters are calling for their pre-game snack? TIME. Our German sausages require virtually no skill and they’re quick to serve,  making them ideal for a fast-moving bar or pub. Limited kitchen space required, takes 5 minutes, and a premium product—what more could you ask for? With just a simple grill, bain marie, fryer, oven, or even an air fryer, you can serve up mouthwatering German sausages in the bat of an eye.


 Everyone who owns an establishment knows that time is always of the essence. Here at The Sausage Man, we can ensure you spend virtually no time prepping or planning, and more time getting the customers their premium sausages. We offer serving suggestions and even have bundles so they’re ready to be cooked and devoured at the speed of light. Your only worry? A hungry football fan.


That’s what we’re here for! We provide next-day delivery across most of the UK, so you never have to worry about unexpected surges in demand leaving you empty-handed. Whether you’re welcoming a sudden influx of football fans or simply stocking up for a busy night ahead, count on us to deliver your premium German sausages promptly and reliably to your door.

The Footie Fan Favourites

As we edge closer to the long-awaited EURO 2024 we’ve been busy at work crafting The Hat-Trick Range which is the most perfect of sausage bundles for your football fans.

 We may not be seeing any hat tricks this season, so we’ve gone ahead and made our own. Introducing a trio of irresistible bundles that are sure to score big for your customers. Each and every bundle features a winning combo of our finest sausages and accompaniments, so they’re ready to level up your EURO 2024 menu. We know food at wholesale deserves a red card, but when it comes to us—we’re always scoring.

Bratwurst Spiral & Football Bun Bundle (Beckenbrat, The Legendary Sausage)


  • 5 x Bratwurst Spiral Pack of 4
  • 1 x Football Bun Pack of 20

This bundle is a match made in football heaven, offering convenience for you and a premium taste for your customers. Give your guests the classic taste of Bratwurst, which has been seasoned with marjoram and caraway seeds, and hand-rolled into the classic German spiral. Raw sausage mixture has been filled in a natural sheep casing and then poached to pre-cook. Cook them up in a couple of minutes, pair them with our fluffy football buns and it’s a halftime snack made to be devoured.

Bratwurst Nurnberger & Football Bun Bundle (Kloppenberger: The Managers Feast)


  • 10 X Bratwurst Nurnberger Pack of 10
  • 1 x Football Bun Pack of 20

Offer the rich flavours of a traditional Nurnberger Bratwurst, which has been perfectly seasoned and crafted with an extra potent flavour. Add two to our fluffy football buns, and give your customers the authentic German taste. The definition of a minimal effort, maximum reward kind of menu—it’s perfect.

Pork Schnitzel & Football Bun Bundle (Mulleritzel, Our Schnitzel Striker)


  • 1 x Pork Schnitzel Case of 40
  • 2 x Football Bun Pack of 20

Seasoned, flattened, flavoured, and breaded—every German’s favourite meal, and we’ve gone and brought the real thing to the UK. Deliver the crispy goodness of our pork schnitzel, seasoned to perfection and coated in golden breadcrumbs. It’s easy to prepare, simple to cook, but unbeatable in taste and quality. Pair it with the fluffy football buns and watch the satisfaction in every bite.

GOAAAAAAAL! What’s On Your Menu?

You can’t stack your footie fan menu without some of our classics. Take a look at some of our bestsellers for inspiration this season.

 P.S. they’re calling to be paired with an ice cold beer (served in a stein glass, of course).

Authentic German Bratwurst XXL

Nothing shouts German EURO 2024 more than a classic Bratwurst sausage. If you serve up some cult classics, your customers no longer have to wait until Oktoberfest or traditional markets. It’s a win win.

Combine these Bratwurst XXL with some real German Ketchup and a sprinkle of Curry Powder to make your own traditional Currywurst from your kitchen.

Krakauer Bacon Frankfurter XXL

What sounds better than football and sausages? Football and bacon, of course. Imagine a beautifully smoked pork sausage—and then add everyone’s favourite ingredient, bacon. It sounds too good to be true, right? Wrong! Serve up our Krakauer Bacon Frankfurter XXL in a soft bread bun and plenty of sauce and everyone will be coming back for more.

Cheese Frankfurter XXL 25CM

Emmental cheese mixed with a classic Frankfurter? Sounds like the ultimate footie snack to us. A taste sensation your (sober) guests will never forget, and one guaranteed to leave them wanting more.