Beef Hot Dogs

Beef Hot Dogs


Quality beef hot dogs: UK distributors bring premium products!

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Buy Beef Hot Dogs from The Sausage Man for Quality, Great Taste & Unbeatable Prices!

The Sausage Man has been importing beef hot dogs from premium butchers for many years now. The beef frankfurter has been 'with us' since the beginning and has always proven to be a popular product amongst our most discerning clients. We find that there has always been a demand for sausages that are not made of pork, and so we had to find the perfect one we could supply our customers with. We can assure you that our beef hot dogs are the best of their kind; we always go to great lengths to find the premium meats and sausages.

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100% Beef Meat and Probably the Best Beef Hot Dog in the UK Right Now!

That's right. Our beef sausages are made of 100% pure beef and are imported only from the best butchers. Being beechwood smoked the taste is superb and loved by many of our regular customers as well as new ones. We are always looking for new products that will add to our range. Having made popular by the American tradition, this great sausage is almost outselling other sausages from our product range. A fantastic alternative to pork sausages.

Beef Hot Dogs UK Suppliers 100% Beef Meat

Introducing Our Beef Chili Dog as Part of Our Beef Hot Dog Range

We have introduced the fabulous 'beef chili dog' which, which is our regular beef hot dog with chili flakes for added flavour. It is very popular and we highly recommend it. Both hot dogs have been smoked and are already pre-cooked so they are really easy to prepare. All you have to do is heat these sausages up whichever way you like and they will be ready to eat in no time!

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Buy Wholesale, In Bulk or Simply Ask for a Sample Box

If you are a restaurant or deli owner or are in the catering business and would like to try this product just contact us and ask for a sample box; we will be delighted to help you out with whatever you need to supply your most discerning customers and clients. Remember the beef hot dog is part of our gluten free range of sausages.

Competitive UK Prices: Call for Quantities, Availability & Advice

If you need help choosing the best products for your restaurant, deli or shop we will be more than happy to assist you. We have been importing sausages in the UK for many years now and we know what to recommend businesses who are either just starting or want to introduce a new product into their particular market. Call us today and we will assist you with all your needs.

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At The Sausage Man we offer a great and wide variety of product, our range covers many different types of meats and sausages that will delight your customers. We offer premium quality at unbeatable prices; all of our imports come from premium quality butchers in Germany. Call us today to discuss options, availability and prices.

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We import all kinds of premium imported sausages. Call to place your custom order.

As distributors we offer competitive prices, whether you need small or large quantities. All our chicken sausages are gluten free. Allergens: celery and milk sugar. (Please note that usually the sausages come in packs of 10)

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