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Other Products

A great variety of german PRODUCE

The Sausage Man supplies the UK market with all types of delicious German quality products.

Premium Hot Dogs, German Sausages and other Products for Your Catering Business

From Award-Winning Butchers

You can choose from our hot dogs (Frankfurters, Beef sausages, Vienna sausages, etc), and Bratwurst and Bockwurst, to many other types of delicious German sausages, meats and related products.

So now you know where to buy your German products, make sure you get in touch today, as we import weekly from award-winning butchers in Germany. In short, if we receive your order today, you will receive your products within just a few days. And since we offer highly competitive prices, you have nothing to lose by phoning us or contacting us for more information.

List of Products Below

Find below links to our current products. Some products are seasonal (for example, Oktoberfest products) so please make sure to contact us to see if we will be stocking what you need or if you need it at a different time of the year.


Supplying You with Absolutely
Everything You’ll EVER Need!

The Best Hot Dog Equipment for the Best Hot Dog Franchise

After many years of importing premium quality hot dogs and German sausages to the UK we've decided to provide interested customers with all the equipment they need for their hot dog franchise business in the UK. We even provide you with branded aprons and caps!

Hot Dog Franchise UK

Premium Quality Hot Dog Toppings: Meat and Vegetarian Options

Meat Range:
  • Smoked bacon rashers
  • Chilli con Carne
  • BBQ Flavoured Pulled Pork
Vegetarian Range:
  • Sliced Jalape├▒os
  • German Premium Gherkins
  • German Sauerkraut
  • Crispy Fried Onions
Wholesale Sauerkraut UK Suppliers

Need Vegetarian Products? No Problem, We Supply High Quality Vegetarian Hot Dogs as Well as Other Products

Our wholesale vegetarian hot dogs are incredibly tasty. As with all our product range, we've made sure that our vegetarian sausages have been made with the best ingredients. Please contact us for more information on all our vegetarian range.

Vegetarian Hot Dogs Wholesale

Mustard, Classic & Curry Ketchup, Mayo and Relish!

Beautiful sauces imported from Germany to top your hot dogs with only the best. 10kg and 875ml sizes for some of our sauces, please contact us to find out about prices and availability. We also offer a sauce station as part of our hot dog equipment.

  • Ketchup & Curry Ketchup
  • Mustard (hot, medium and sweet)
  • Mayonnaise
  • Gherkin Relish

Wholeale German Curry Ketchup

Pre-Cooked Baguettes & Rolls (Sesame and Brioche)

Our wholesale baguettes are ready sliced, very convenient for any catering business. 6 months shelf-life, they can be defrosted and will last 2 to 3 days. They have been made in Germany by a Belgium company. Crusty outside and really soft on the inside.

We also supply customers with sesame and brioche rolls for the perfect hot dogs. The sesame roll is perfect for the bacon frankfurter. The brioche roll is perfect for the beef Vienna. Please call us if you'd like more information on our rolls and baguettes.

Baguettes and rolls buns wholesale UK suppliers and distributors The Sausage Man

Ready for Oktoberfest this Year? You Should Take a Look at Our Fabulous Oktoberfest Brochure

Every year we bring more and more exciting products for our customers to make sure they have only the best (and varied!) when it comes to Oktoberfest. Please download our brochure and see for yourself!

View and Download Our Current Brochure

For more information on all the products we supply, together with wholesale prices, please download our brochure.

If you require a custom order, do contact us for more details.

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