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Price (per kg): £8.99
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Length: 16cm

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Part of the Sausage Man's range, the paprika sausage is a truly delicious product which we have been importing from the very beginning. Its pungent flavour and characteristic colour makes it a favourite among sausage lovers. Made of pork, chili and paprika, this wonderful specimen made of coarsely minced meat will add a special touch to your product range!

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A Truly Tasty, Flavoursome Sausage, Highest Sausage in Meat Content!

Free of preservatives, this sausage can be eaten on its own cold and/or be part of stews and other culinary delicacies. Full of flavour and juiciness, it will add an extra touch to any meal. It can also make a great snack at any time of the day. Even though it is not as big as some of its sister sausages you can pack 2 into one bun and double up your meal!

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Originally from the South of Germany and Hungary

This premium quality paprika sausage comes from the south of Germany but it is also known in Hungary. Some people might compare it with the Spanish 'chorizo' sausage as it is similar in style and flavour. At 80g, this beauty comes packed with flavour and style. A great addition to any deli or butcher's counter!


A Great Option for Pubs and Resturants

Salty and pungent when cooked, milder and soft when uncooked, the paprika sausage is the perfect product for pubs and restaurants. It goes well with customers who like to enjoy drinking beer as well as chefs who like to add that very special flavour to their dishes.

A Versatile Sausage For Your Range

We believe this little banger deserves more attention here in the UK. If this sausage wets your appetite or you think your customers might be interested please contact us for samples. This German 'version of the chorizo sausage' will be the delight of caterers, chefs and others. Please contact us for more information on the paprika sausage. 


Only the Best Ingredients

All our products have been carefully selected and are made only using the finest ingredients. We take pride on each of the sausages we import, and the paprika sausage is another fine example of how selective we are with the butchers we choose. You are guaranteed the a product of the highest caliber, always high in meat and flavours finished off to perfection.


A Beautiful Product of the Highest Standards

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As distributors we offer great prices. Remember you can buy in bulk.
All our paprika sausages are gluten free. Allergens: mustard and celeriac.
(Please note that usually the sausages come in packs of 10)

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