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Established UK suppliers bring you the XXL bacon frankfurter!

Unit Price: £1.09p per sausage
Length: 25cm

Our Krakauer Sausage UK: Like American Hot Dogs with a German Twist!

That's right. We bring you a hot dog to die for: say hello to our American hot dogs with a twist! We've given this hot dog a 'make over' and added delicious bits of bacon to this stunning sausage. This product is based on the German frankfurters our customers have loved for a long time so we knew we couldn't go wrong. Adding bacon was a way to enhance flavour. The end result? A truly unique product that delivers everything you need in a spectacular hot dog.

Krakauer pork hot dogs and sausages wholesale UK suppliers and distributors The Sausage Man

Chopped Bacon and Herbs for Extra Texture and Flavour

This is no ordinary hot dog. If you're looking for a krakauer at wholesale prices that will blow your mind you found it. Buy this delicious pork hot dog in bulk and impress your customers; they would have never tasted anything like this before. Smokier and tastier, this krakauer hot dog will become their new favourite. With our expertise and experience as established hot dog suppliers in the UK we can assure you this product is an absolute winner.

Krakauer pork hot dogs and sausages wholesale UK suppliers and distributors The Sausage Man, inside chopped bacon bits

Smokier than the Traditional Frankfurter

We've been pork hot dog suppliers in the UK for over 10 years now and we're proud to present this unique sausage. As hot dog manufacturers we make sure our products are brought to you from award winning butchers in Germany to ensure highest standards and superb quality. We encourage you to try this wonderful hot dog as we feel we have come up with something truly spectacular that will make a difference in your menu. We call it "the perfect American pork hot dog engineered in Germany".

Krakauer pork hot dogs and sausages wholesale UK suppliers and distributors The Sausage Man, smoked

Unique Product Engineered in Germany

This delicious pork hot dog is a must for our discerning customers. A perfect addition to your menu if you're a restaurant, deli, stall, hotel, pub or related catering business. This product will make your menu look diverse and sophisticated. Having been made in Germany means you get a pork hot dog that has been created with dedication and care. We are very proud of this sausage. Want even more diversity? Then make sure to also try our fabulous cheese krakauer!

Germany Shape Flag

With or Without Skin! 3 Available Sizes

As distributors of this krakauer pork hot dog sausage we stock it in 3 different sizes as well as with or without skin to make sure you have the perfect options available for your business.

With Skin
In a natural hog skin which snaps beautifully when you bite in them (jumbo 26cm, giant footlong or XXL)

Without Skin
As a traditional hot dog (18cm/7in, 26cm/10.2in and footlong/12inches)

Natural Casing for the PERFECT Snap

We know this krakauer sausage will be a success if you give it a try with your discerning customers. With the different options regarding skin/no skin and available in 3 sizes there will be something for everyone. We have created a product we believe will make a difference to your catering business. We keep adding fantastic products to our range, just make sure to download our brochure often (find it below) as we keep changing it to accommodate for new and exciting entries.

Krakauer pork hot dogs and sausages wholesale UK suppliers and distributors The Sausage Man, Custom Sizes!

We Provide You with Custom Sizes

At The Sausage Man we pride ourselves in making sure our customers have what they need. If you require a particular hot dog custom size please let us know and we will do our best to supply you with the perfect product for your business.

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