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Established UK suppliers bring you a Vienna beef hot dog totally unbeatable in price & taste!

Price (per kg): £8.99
Unit Price: 99p per sausage
Length: 20cm

Say Hello to One of the Best Vienna Hot Dogs Wholesale in Town

You've been waiting for a GREAT Vienna hot dog and you have found it. Say hello to one of our most popular products! We have been importing one of the best Vienna hot dogs into the UK for many years now. Our discerning customers speak loud of our great quality products. Imported weekly from only the best butchers in Germany, each of our product range sausages has been carefully selected to delight you and your customers. Still not sure? Check out our testimonials here.

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A Delicious Vienna Sausage UK Distributed for Over 10 Years Now

With over 10 years experience importing the best German sausages as well as other German products into the UK, our range will delight you for both the quality and unbeatable taste. Our Vienna has been naturally smoked and contains very good quality beef for that extra that other hot dogs will not deliver.

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Our Wholesale Vienna Hot Dogs Come From Award Winning Butchers (at an Unbeatable Price!)

This hot dog has been fully cooked in the smoker, making it a perfect choice when it comes to gourmet hot dogs. The sausage is simply ready to eat (straight from the package). You only have to heat it up and serve it. Remember this sausage is also known as a frankfurter, Viennese beef, Chicago hot dog or authentic beef hot dog.

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Naturally Smoked, 84% Beef Meat and Added Veal Fat for REAL Juiciness!

This is a sweet and meaty sausage, with full flavour and very juicy. It is not kosher or halal but it is 100% pork free. With 84% beef meat inside you can consider this sausage a 'steak in a tube'. Its meaty beef texture is simply delicious and a must for any barbecue, deli, restaurant, hot dog stall, catering event, etc.

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100% Allergen Free and Absolutely no Fillers; Only Meat Meat Meat

We are very proud of this particular hot dog. It is a very popular choice among our customers who always want the best at the best price. People keep coming back to us for more products constantly and we also extend our range very often, which is a plus if you have a catering business. That way you can keep supplying your customers with tasty and exciting new entries.

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Natural Sheep Casing for the PERFECT Snap

That's right - this particular hot dog is a delight once you bite into it. Its perfect snap will get you addicted straight away; the natural sheep casing gives it that extra touch that other hot dogs might not have. We know our customers love it; please contact us for more information on the Vienna beef hot dog sausage if you are interested in ordering.

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Ask About Custom Sizes

We sell long sausages... over meters long at times. Do you need custom sizes? We provide them. Do you need really long sausages for your particular event? We provide them too. Make sure to get your beef frankfurters in the UK with The Sausage Man!

For Other Products Please View or Download Our Current Brochure (Packed with Great Offers)

We’ve been Vienna beef distributors in the UK for many years now, but we also delight our customers with many other products available in our brochure. We can also arrange with our butchers custom sizes with most of our sausages so please do get in touch if you had a product in mind you needed in a particular size. View or download our brochure if you want to buy Vienna hot dogs or any other product. We keep updating our brochure often so come back soon to check on the latest one!

We invite you to view a brochure with videos of all our products as well as downloading a copy to your device!

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Our Vienna beef sausages are gluten free.

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