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What’s On Your Menu?

Were you aware that showcasing Euro 2024 might be one of the most effective marketing strategies this year? As according to a survey carried out in 2023, 36% of people spend more on food and drink when watching sports.


And with Germany as the host nation, we’ve got the ideal products just for you.

Icon Explanation

  • pork-icon-2 Pork
  • beef-icon-2 Beef
  • turkey-icon-2 Turkey
  • venison-icon-2 Venison
  • wild-boar-icon Wild Boar
  • halal-icon-2 Halal
  • curry-icon Curry
  • mustard-icon Mustard
  • smoked-icon-2 Smoked
  • chilli-icon Chilli
  • frozen-icon-2 Frozen
  • fresh-icon-2 Fresh
  • ambient-icon Ambient
  • raw-icon-2 Raw
  • cheese-icon-2 Cheese
  • potato-icon Potato
  • egg-icon Egg
  • keto-icon Keto
  • onion-icon Onion
  • milk-icon Milk
  • cabbage-icon Cabbage
  • tomato-icon Tomato
  • low-carb-icon-2 Low Carb
  • no-gluten-icon Gluten Free
  • dairy-free-icon Dairy Free
  • pasta-icon Pasta
  • vegetarian-icon-2 Vegetarian
  • vegan-icon-2 Vegan

To keep things as simple as possible, and to make your ordering experience as easy as it can be, we’ve added a quick reference list for the key features of each product. Please note that this is not a full allergen list, but this information is available on each product page and on our Specification Sheets.

Guide image